5 Things NOT To Do On The Mountain

Millions of people ski in the United States each year. Around 30% of these are first-timers.

Enjoy your time on the slopes safely and to the fullest by following mountain safety and these things NOT to do on the mountain:
Losing Control. Not having the ability to avoid people or objects is the number one reason for injuries. Remember that the skiers and riders below you on the mountain have the right away; it’s your responsibility to avoid them.
Looking at Your Skis/Board. If you don’t look at your feet when you walk, why look at your skis when you ski? (This also comes in handy for avoiding #1.)
Too Tight Boots. Cranking down your boots won’t necessarily give you more skill and control as it may cause discomfort and possible injury.
Wrong Gear. Being unprepared for the elements and the activity can cause distraction and discomfort. Get your gear dialed-in before its mountain time.
Disregarding the Adventure. Skiing/Snowboarding is an exciting activity! Your muscles will hurt in ways you are not used to, temperatures are cold, adjusting to altitude will take a toll on your body and you’ll be tired. Drink water, take a rest and remember that you’re getting to play on a glorious mountain side.
“Always show courtesy to others and be aware that there are elements of risk in skiing and snowboarding that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce” notes Breckenridge Resort ski safety.
Take in the amazing moments on the slopes. If it weren’t for the elements of risk, maybe skiing wouldn’t be so much fun! Remember to follow the skier code of safety posted at your ski area, and join the millions who make skiing their vacation of choice.

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