Why We Love Skiing (And You Will Too)

  Why do we love skiing? Did you know that this type of exercise can provide amazing health benefits: The endorphins and adrenaline that are released into the bloodstream, elevating your mood and adding an overall sense of well-being? The Vitamin D intake on a sunny day that helps ward off cancer balances hormones and decreases inflammation. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda…… … Read more →

Can’t Keep Up? Use This Ski Vacation Checklist

Don’t lose the excitement of anticipation for your trip bogged down in details. Black Tie Ski receives calls every day from groups planning their ski vacation. They always seem relieved after our conversations, having scheduled their ski delivery- now there’s one less thing to do, but still plenty to think about.  Planning a vacation can grow to be overwhelming. Use… Read more →

5 Things NOT To Do On The Mountain

Millions of people ski in the United States each year. Around 30% of these are first-timers. Enjoy your time on the slopes safely and to the fullest by following mountain safety and these things NOT to do on the mountain:     Losing Control. Not having the ability to avoid people or objects is the number one reason for injuries.… Read more →

Black Tie Ski Rentals Expands to Regional Airports

Steamboat, Colo. – Black Tie Ski Rentals recently expanded to include a presence at two prominent regional airports in Colorado. The Steamboat branch now operates a kiosk at the Yampa Valley Regional Airport, while Vail now has a presence at the Vail Valley Jet Center. Yampa Valley Regional Airport Ian Prichard, founder and president of the company, announced that the… Read more →

SkiChannel.com Calls Black Tie’s Service “Undeniably Valuable”

SkiChannel.com recently wrote an article about Black Tie Ski Rentals, which was titled “Black Tie Ski Rentals Save Travelers Time & Money.” In the story, reporter Alex Fricchione illustrates the value of businesses that make our lives earlier. The story notes, “Any product, service, or company that can streamline an otherwise time-consuming, expensive, or frustrating process is undeniably valuable. This… Read more →