Can’t Keep Up? Use This Ski Vacation Checklist

Don’t lose the excitement of anticipation for your trip bogged down in details.

Black Tie Ski receives calls every day from groups planning their ski vacation. They always seem relieved after our conversations, having scheduled their ski delivery- now there’s one less thing to do, but still plenty to think about.  Planning a vacation can grow to be overwhelming.

Use this ski vacation checklist for uncomplicated preparation for your ski vacation.

• Order Airline Tickets
• Make a packing checklist including winter essentials
• Reserve Lodging
• Rent a Car (if needed) or Shuttle reservations from Airport to Lodging
• Pre Purchase Lift Tickets at least a week in advanced
• Arrange Ski School Lessons
• Reserve your Ski Rental Delivery
• Activities: Plan off-mountain activities, make reservations as needed
• Meal Planning- Construct meal ideas and a grocery list
• Arrange for any home care needs while you are gone
• Prep yourself with some Ski Fitness Workouts


Ski lift

Whileworking through this checklist, consider additional measures that need to be taken with your specific family’s needs in mind. Will you need a baby sitter for a night?  It’s always best to call places and inquire how early reservations are needed.  In busy ski towns, places book up, restaurants go on long waits and lines for things can get long. Don’t assume calling the same day that all places will be able to accommodate your requests.

Planning ahead is the surest way for your schedule to run smooth during your ski vacation. As with most things in life, a bit of muscle at the beginning makes for a great pay off at the end.