Killer Resources for Ski Vacation Road Trip Sanity

You decided to go road trip style rather than run the risk of misplacing a child in the airport on the way to your ski vacation. Wise decision!

But now you are seriously reconsidering the idea of your whole family in one vehicle for this extended amount of time.  Fear not, we have you covered, collecting a few great ideas for you to arrive at your ski vacation destination with your wits intact.

Moms from all over the globe feel the pressure to entertain the children, at least enough to keep them from majorly distracting the driver.  Winter months can cause everyone to be a bit stir crazy, especially in the car. While you have planned ahead for your cozy ski lodging and other details of the trip, don’t neglect the actual road time with a bit of creativity to fit your families fancy.

Road Trip Games-(fun for adults too)

  • Name that tune. Let the first few notes of a song play on the radio or cd and then turn the volume down. See who can be the first to identify the singer and song name to win.
  • Road Trip Bingo. Create a sheet with random scenes that you may encounter from the car. Cows in the pasture, a Mississippi license plate, 7-11 gas station, or a donut shop.
  • Build A Story. Each person says a few words and then stops and then says the name of the next person they want to continue the story.
  • Spot the Banana Game. Keep your eyes open for the yellow cars. School buses can be worth more points than yellow bugs and so on.
  • Fortunately/Unfortunately. One person starts with a statement such as “Unfortunately, the car broke down” and the other replies, “Fortunately, I went to mechanic school”.  This game keeps everyone in a positive mood instead of focusing on the long hours.

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Road Trip Inspiration-

  • Keep dollar bills or little treats in a bag, every time you stop for gas, those who have had a good attitude since the last stop receive a prize.(Those who have not are encouraged to receive one at the next stop)
  • Take pictures along the way.  If you see anything interesting, give yourself a stretch and explore for a couple minutes. Remember the journey is half the fun.
  • Keep healthy snacks available so no one gets grumpy due to hunger.

At some points it may seem like an eternity, but you will eventually arrive at your destination. Look forward to, anticipate, and enjoy quality time together on the way up the mountains.  You will be making memories for the rest of your lives.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” St. Augustine