Ski Boots: Getting the Right Fit the 1st Time

As soon as the friendly staff from Black Tie Ski Delivery arrives at your doorstep, its ski boot fitting time!

Here are a few helpful tips to ensure you choose the right size boot at your delivery.

Step 1: Synthetic Socks

Have your one pair of thin synthetic or wool ski socks on before you step into the boot. Stay away from cotton socks as they will hold moisture close to the skin and cause rubbing. Synthetic or wool socks will keep moisture wicked away from your skin and provide a warmer and more comfortable boot fit.

Step 2: Heel Cup

Begin by sitting down, place your foot in the boot and slowly stand, holding the tongue strap, as your foot slides down the boot. Keep your heel pressed back in the heel cup and bend your knees as you would when you ski.


Ski boot fitboot fit


Step 3:  Buckle Top to Bottom

Loosely fasten the top 2 buckles of the boot, allowing the heel to snug up in the heel cup. With bent knees, you should feel a close fit with no specific pressure points.  Finish buckling bottom buckles.

***Feel the boots’ fit by standing still and bending your knees. Ski boots are not made for walking around in so don’t judge them on how they feel walking as you would a street shoe.

Keep these tips in mind to ensure a proper fit the first time, every time.